Jah B's Guesthouse in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica Getting There



Jah B's Guesthouse is located above Hagley Gap. You must take a Land rover from the town of Cedar Valley. You ride on a two track, where the road goes over the top edge of a waterfall on its way up the mountain.


Mountain scene with cabin in front
Mountain valley
It is beautiful
Blue Mountain peak

Ivanhoes' Guesthouse Port Antonio, Jamaica


This Port Antonio lodging is nestled upon historic Titchfield peninsula where you find the quaint and comfortable Ivanhoes' Guesthouse. Located in the northwest corner of Titchfield peninsula you pass thru the lush entrance into a cool, tiled foyer.

Henry's Guesthouse


In the Long Road Community, you might consider going to Henry's Guesthouse (everyone calls it Mrs. Lange's) where two rooms are for rent with shared bathroom and kitchenette. It could be a great choice for those who might not be able to tolerate the stairs of Zion Country. It is located two doors down from Zion Country on a cliff above Manchioneal Bay, overlooking where manatee live.

Getting To Zion Country

Map of Jamaica showing location of Zion Country

Zion Country Eco Beach Cabins are located in Muirton Pen, Portland Parish, between Manchioneal and Long Road in the east of Jamaica.

Traveling from Kingston Norman Manley Airport to Zion Country:

Zion Country Walkways


Zion Country Eco Beach Cabins are located on a steep cliff descending from the community road to beautiful Manchioneal Bay, Jamaica. Perched upon this cliff are located the four guest cabins.

View of handrail and stairs

Things to Do Inside Zion Country, Jamaica


Zion Country Eco Beach Cabins is a tropical paradise, sheltered and nurtured within the Jamaican community of Long Road on the eastern side of Jamaica in lush Portland Parish

Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa, Jamaica

Mokko Saves My Life

by Dianne Birney

Mokko saved my life the first time he was our guide.  My family says I am too dramatic, but I know I was not getting out of that pool by myself.

A Letter From Mokko



by Ras Soloman Jackson (Mokko)


Come discover Jamaica and find something new about life. Why not come to the eastern end of Jamaica in the Parish of St. Thomas.

I am Ras Soloman Jackson (Mokko). I was born in St. Thomas on 22nd June, 1952. I grew up on Old Road and learned about roots from my father and another man in Sunning Hill. After leaving school, I went on a skill training program as a stone wall builder and worked at that for fifteen years.

Getting to Mokko's