Long Bay Beach, Jamaica


A long beautiful beach lies on the East side of Jamaica, Long Bay. The contentious ocean pounds ashore onto a wide, palm shaded sandy beach. The beach is dotted with Tiki Hut bars, restaurants and cabins. The vibe is laid back and European.

Long Bay
Looking south
Jackie with Noah, Nate, Pi and Tiffany
Looking north
Throwing sand
Mr. Roper's crafts
Mr. Roper

Reach Falls Update

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Making Chocolate in Jamaica
Hand hewn canoe at Reach Falls River Camp
Upstream at Reach Falls
Ram Scram in Port Antonio
Boats in Manchioneal
Bonnie and Clyde (Ben and Anne) on the Blue Mountain
Ton So at Lysson's Beach
Morant Bay Marke
Sarah under the Almond Tree at Zion Country

Jamaica was Awesome

An Apology for Culture Shock

Bargaining In Jamaica A Story


Alice and Taban traveled to the Blue Mountains and Alice says she learned some very interesting bargaining tips along the way.

Taban is from Jamaica, and says he never pays full price. He says if you don't bargain, you hurt the person who comes behind you as it will be expected that they will pay a high price also.

On the way to the Blue Mountains, they stopped to buy some oranges. They bought 6 oranges for $60 JD and the shopkeeper bagged up 6 oranges and gave them to Taban.

Fruit Stand in Long Road Community
The Big Store in Long Road Community

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How to address an envelope to Jamaica

Person's name
PO City or Town Name
Name of the Parish
Jamaica, West Indies

Calling Jamaica from the US:

Get an international calling card for calling Jamaica.
International Calling Cards from 0.5¢ per Minute. These calling cards will not work while in Jamaica.

For calling Jamaica from the US, Canada or Caribean you need to dial 1-876-the seven digit number.

Visitor's line in Kingston Airport
Information at Kingston Airport
Caisson Bus
Rasta Cowboy from a taxi
Taxi stand
Money Handler in Taxi
Long Bay Beach
The River and Roots Rasta
Blowholes by Zion Country
Miss D, Jah B and Alex in the Blue Mountains

Jamaica Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Our friend stayed at Mokko's cottages & loved it.  We're wondering if it is a safe place to stay?

A: All of the travel host companies are safe. Mokko's place is safe.  It is safe because the whole community watches out for you.  You go in as his guest and enjoy the privilege of his protection. 

Fi Wi Sinting Jamaican Festival

 Celebrating Jamaica's African Heritage
February 17, 2013

Fi Wi Sinting is an annual one day celebration of Jamaica's African heritage and is a tribute to the ancestors. It is held at Somerset Falls River Park, Hope Bay, Portland, north of Port Antonio, Jamaica. It has become the largest Black History Month event in Jamaica.

A Break in the Day
Crowd Shot

River Lodge Robin's Bay, Jamaica


Trip report by Cheryl Thomas

In the 70's Robins Bay was known as Strawberry Fields and was frequented by the Rolling Stones and others. When I went, I stayed at River Lodge which is the perfect location for a couple who wants total rest, relaxation, and privacy. It is built around the ruins of a 17th century restored Spanish Fort. It's a very pretty and unspoiled area. 

River Lodge at Robins Bay
River Lodge Door
Fisherman at River Lodge
Brigitta's Donkey would greet me everyday.
Saphira Cottage
Dining Area
View of Robins Bay from Cottage Rooftop Terrace
Entrance to Courtyard
View of River Lodge