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Bargaining In Jamaica A Story


Alice and Taban traveled to the Blue Mountains and Alice says she learned some very interesting bargaining tips along the way.

Taban is from Jamaica, and says he never pays full price. He says if you don't bargain, you hurt the person who comes behind you as it will be expected that they will pay a high price also.

On the way to the Blue Mountains, they stopped to buy some oranges. They bought 6 oranges for $60 JD and the shopkeeper bagged up 6 oranges and gave them to Taban.

Fruit Stand in Long Road Community
The Big Store in Long Road Community

Travel Tips Jamaica

How to address an envelope to Jamaica

Person's name
PO City or Town Name
Name of the Parish
Jamaica, West Indies

Calling Jamaica from the US:

Get an international calling card for calling Jamaica.
International Calling Cards from 0.5¢ per Minute. These calling cards will not work while in Jamaica.

For calling Jamaica from the US, Canada or Caribean you need to dial 1-876-the seven digit number.

Visitor's line in Kingston Airport
Information at Kingston Airport
Caisson Bus
Rasta Cowboy from a taxi
Taxi stand
Money Handler in Taxi
Long Bay Beach
The River and Roots Rasta
Blowholes by Zion Country
Miss D, Jah B and Alex in the Blue Mountains

Jamaica Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Our friend stayed at Mokko's cottages & loved it.  We're wondering if it is a safe place to stay?

A: All of the travel host companies are safe. Mokko's place is safe.  It is safe because the whole community watches out for you.  You go in as his guest and enjoy the privilege of his protection. 

Rasta Reasonings


Bongo Roach from Negril shares some of his world philosophies in this video.



Ram Scram from Port Antonio reasons.

Jamaican Rundung Ital Recipe

 Jamaican Rundung is a sauce that can be used over any starch food. What makes it Rundung is that it is made with extracted coconut water. (In Jamaica this is called "strong coconut juice.") You can substitute any fish or vegetable you desire, but always use scallions and thyme. It is incredibly delicious!

Ingredients for Rundung:

Fresh Ackee
Natural Wood Fire
Preparing Ackee
Mokko in his Kitchen
Finished Rundung
Mokko Smiling