Jamaican Patois


Jamaican patois (pronounced "pot-wa") is primarily English, but to the untrained ear, especially deep in country, we often can't hear this. We stumbled upon some funny likkle things over the years that helped surprisingly will with our Jamaica accent/Patois problems and I would like to share it with you. 


Explained by Moshi Soloman

Drumming and dancing, honor to the ancestors, these things endure from African roots to this day. We read that Kumina is most prominent in St. Thomas Parish so we asked Moshi about it.

This practice is seen most often at funerals. The night before the burial is a big party. A drummer might be hired. If the person was very rich, maybe also will be a duppie band. A big pot of soup feeds the people and maybe there is a case of white rum and a case of Appleton.

Hunting Coonies


In the hills there is a small animal called coonie. It is like a guinea pig, tastes like rabbit. A hunter needs small, skinny dogs to hunt the coonie.

The coonies live in an underground den. They come out in the morning and the hunter will then go and stand by the hole. He lets his dogs go and as they chase the coonie back to thier hole, the hunter will hit them on the head, one by one as they try to enter.

Coonies are prepared by boiling, then the skin comes off. The bones are very strong.


Anancy Legend

Anancy is a West African myth about a spider who is a bit of a trickster and always gets the better of his advisory.

We met Anancy in person at Mokko's. He was about as big as your hand. Mokko said not to be afraid of Anancy. He is different that a normal spider and he will not trouble you-unless you hold him-then he will BITE!

The Legend of Anancy
A Deeper History of Anancy

Anancy, in the flesh or whatever!

Jamaican Primary School


by Dianne Birney

Thornton Primary School is the local school in Sunning Hill, Jamaica. There are 120 students in the school and the Principal is M.P. Burton. There are six teachers.

Below is a list of supplies needed by this and other basic schools on the island.

Wish List:

Thornton Primary School Sign
New uniforms, funny lips
Fourth & Fifth Grade Classroom with Mrs. Aldridge
Buns and milk are provided everyday
Shawna & Shannell with friend in their uniforms
Handwashing Station at the Jamaican Primary School
Off to Thornton Primary School in Jamaica

Jamaica Rasta Ecotourism Roots Rasta Family


Mokko's family lives adjacent to Riverside Cool Cottages. This is Jamaica ecotourism at its best!

Doret (the kid's mother) and the twins, Shawna and Shannell, ages 18, live in a house next to the cottages. They are happy to play with the guests, help with chores and show you their daily lives.

Long Bay Beach, Jamaica


A long beautiful beach lies on the East side of Jamaica, Long Bay. The contentious ocean pounds ashore onto a wide, palm shaded sandy beach. The beach is dotted with Tiki Hut bars, restaurants and cabins. The vibe is laid back and European.

Long Bay
Looking south
Jackie with Noah, Nate, Pi and Tiffany
Looking north
Throwing sand
Mr. Roper's crafts
Mr. Roper

Reach Falls Update

Sonny Murphy in Morant Bay Jamaica

Jamaican Videos


Feed de People Dem  - Cooking at the river for the community is a favorite activity in Sunning Hill, Jamaica.

Dancing Face - Winston Thomas of Morant Bay Jamaica shows us his award winning Ugly Faces and his unique "Dancing Face" routine.