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What to Bring for Yourself Travel Tips in Jamaica

Be sure to pack light, each bag has to be carried up and down hills. Backpacks work well.

That said, on our last trip, we compiled a list of things we wish we had brought, or were glad we had brought. Perhaps there is something that will be useful to you.

Moving in to Mokko's

River Lodge Robin's Bay, Jamaica


Trip report by Cheryl Thomas

In the 70's Robins Bay was known as Strawberry Fields and was frequented by the Rolling Stones and others. When I went, I stayed at River Lodge which is the perfect location for a couple who wants total rest, relaxation, and privacy. It is built around the ruins of a 17th century restored Spanish Fort. It's a very pretty and unspoiled area. 

River Lodge at Robins Bay
River Lodge Door
Fisherman at River Lodge
Brigitta's Donkey would greet me everyday.
Saphira Cottage
Dining Area
View of Robins Bay from Cottage Rooftop Terrace
Entrance to Courtyard
View of River Lodge