Blue Mountains

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Jah B's Guesthouse in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica Getting There



Jah B's Guesthouse is located above Hagley Gap. You must take a Land rover from the town of Cedar Valley. You ride on a two track, where the road goes over the top edge of a waterfall on its way up the mountain.


Mountain scene with cabin in front
Mountain valley
It is beautiful
Blue Mountain peak

Blue Mountains Jamaica Trekking


Trekking to the top of the Blue Mountain begins well before dawn. Start with a fire roasted cup of Blue Mountain organic coffee, one of the most famous flavors of coffee. The trek is six miles long. Walk slow and pace yourself. The goal is to walk at night so you can reach the peak at sunrise.

Long tailed hummingbird
It is cold on the mountain
Mountain View
Woodland Flower
Woodland ferns
Deep Woods
Ben showing Alex how to play hacky sac
You can name the kitty

Jah B's Guesthouse Blue Mountains Jamaica