History and Beliefs

Anancy Legend

Anancy is a West African myth about a spider who is a bit of a trickster and always gets the better of his advisory.

We met Anancy in person at Mokko's. He was about as big as your hand. Mokko said not to be afraid of Anancy. He is different that a normal spider and he will not trouble you-unless you hold him-then he will BITE!

The Legend of Anancy
A Deeper History of Anancy

Anancy, in the flesh or whatever!

Rasta Reasonings


Bongo Roach from Negril shares some of his world philosophies in this video.



Ram Scram from Port Antonio reasons.

Healing our Culture from Babylon

 by Judo

I-tal lifestyle is a natural and pertinant way to live and heal the body.

The secrets of our culture:
Eight rules to live by.


Love yourself and respect the individuality of others.



Pure and natural products to preserve the skin.

Accompong Festival 1977: The People's Law

1977, we were young punks, staying with Ras I-stro in his home community. We knew nothing.