Bath Jamaica


The small Jamaican town of Bath hosts the oldest botanical gardens on the island and a natural healing mineral springs.

The Botanical garden holds the oldest breadfruit trees, said to be the original trees brought to the island by Captain Bligh.

Mineral springs rise up in Bath and have been used to cure ailments for longer than anyone can remember. Here you can experience two extremes of Jamaican tourism, the world inside the gate and the world outside the gate.

Inside the gate you will find the Bath Hotel and Spa. It reflects a Colonial luxury of times passed. This is the cultural experience you might expect. Though secluded, it is a nice respite from the hustle-bustle of daily life. In the hotel you can find a good example of the incredible politeness that is found in Jamaica.

Man standing in hallway with lush plantsThree people sitting on a white fenced balcony as seen from above
Free-I in the hallway/ A cold drink on the balcony


Outside the gate you can walk over a bridge, up a pretty little path to the area where both the cold and hot water comes from the ground.

Water coming out from rocks, a black hand is pointing to itWater coming out of rocks which are surrounded by lush plants
Hot water from the earth/Fresh cold spring water

A bamboo shower is set up and there are several Jamaicans who will offer empirically trained massage therapy or tours. 

There is a reputation outside the gate of aggressive tourist hassling. We found this to be true, but not with everyone and it felt safe, even safer with Mokko as our guide.

Hiking trails lead from here for miles skirting the Blue Mountains and into Portland Parish.