Maho Bay Resort St. John Virgin Islands

One might hear "Virgin Islands", and think about the over populated areas of St. Thomas then opt not to vacation there. But, don't forget about the island of St. John, also part of the United States Virgin Islands, and home to the Virgin Islands National Park.

Almost all of St. John's vegetation was clear-cut away for sugar cane production back in the day, and most of the vegetation growth there today are introduced species. The National Park of St. John works to preserve the island, and avoid the over tourist build up.

If one seeks an ecotourism destination, Maho Bay of St. Johns USVI offers just that. The resort was constructed using hand methods to avoid disturbing the natural environment. Also, elevated platforms and stairs were built to avoid any soil erosion. A night’s stay includes a sleeping under the stars feel.

Screened in rooms promote the union between man and nature- they also let one enjoy the comforts of the ocean breeze. A wooden platform as the base, and wood walls that meet screen walls halfway make up the rooms; there are also vinyl flaps to be pulled down when one seeks privacy from the iguanas outside… each room has an eating area that include kitchen utensils, sleeping quarters that include a two twin sized beds, and a couch in the seating area. Shelving and electricity are also provided. Rooms are graciously spaced apart from other rooms, and only a short run of stairs to the community bathhouses. A communal dining area is offered atop of the resort, wonderful cuisine is prepared daily for breakfast and dinner, guests are given a number of choices featuring a certain meat, fish and a vegetarian dish, and the salad bar is offered with dinner.

Maho bay also offers art programs and morning yoga classes! Boat services are run through the resort, it is well worth the money to spend a day boating around the Virgin Islands and docking at wonderful snorkel spots of the Caribbean ocean.

Chairs, floating devises and snorkel gear are available to rent on the beach side, next to the snack shack where healthy lunch sandwiches, snacks and drinks are vended. Another inviting aspect of the resort is its "take some leave some" area. If ones bags are too full and hard to zip, guests are encouraged to leave items they don’t necessarily need on the plane ride home. As a guest I found myself checking this area daily. Many of the guests left helpful tourism books and guides, soaps, foods and sand castle building supplies!

The weather on St. John is great, in the winter temperatures average anywhere in the 80’s and in mid 90’s during the summer months. Maho Bay has always has an amazing and helpful staff and offers a peaceful and creative spin on vacationing.