Making Bammy


There is a traditional cassava bread called bammy that is made and sold in communities. This tradition is being resurrected after almost dying out when wheat and white bread was introduced to the island. This threatened the livelihood of cassava farmers. You can read this story and attempts to support bammy's comeback.

We had the pleasure of watching the making of Bammy at Henry's Guesthouse in the Long Road Community. The cassava is ground and mixed, then made into patties which are then fried in coconut oil.

We also had the pleasure of tasting bammy for the first time this year. It tastes a bit like hash browns, very yummy! It is starting to make a comeback in popularity and this year, it was available at Kingston Airport.

I asked a Jamaican hill farmer (Mokko's brother) about Bammy, they make it or eat it as a part of their diet. He explained to me that they would not prepare cassava in this way, but would just eat the cassava. Ital, Ya, Mon!

Jamaican rasta and farmer who look alike.

We love bammy!
We love bammy!!
We love bammy!!!