Jamaican Videos


Feed de People Dem  - Cooking at the river for the community is a favorite activity in Sunning Hill, Jamaica.

Dancing Face - Winston Thomas of Morant Bay Jamaica shows us his award winning Ugly Faces and his unique "Dancing Face" routine.

Interview with Sonny Murphy - Sonny Murphy talks about his experiences as a record producer in Jamaica.

Concrete in Jamaica - See how they make a concrete house in Jamaica.

Bingo in Jamaica Check out a bingo game in Jamaica while Owen tells us the folk meaning of the numbers called. Bingo!

Winnifred Beach - Come see the folks at Winnefred Beach, Jamaica.

Big Up to Dwight - A tribute to Dwight in Sunning Hill Jamaica.

Zion Country - Tour of Zion Country, the beach, gardens, dining area and surrounding community.

Brother Lion Sings - Rasta Brother Lion shows how to open a jelly coconut and sings a song about the perils of eating meat. Filmed by Reach Falls in Portland Parish.

Renny Shows His Blow Toy - Rasta Renny demonstrates his original creation.

Reach Falls - A walk up a most beautiful river to Reach Falls in Portland Parish, Jamaica.

Ital Cooking Roots Rasta, Mokko, shows us Ital food cooked over a natural wood fire in St. Thomas Parish, Jamaica.

Making Chocolate - Traditional chocolate making techinques described by Mrs. Brown. Video shot in St. Thomas Parish.

Manchioneal - Visit this delightful fishing village in Portland, Jamaica.

Blue Heaven Guesthouse - A nice, locally owned Guesthouse in Long Bay, Jamaica with its dramatic coast is featured here.