Jamaican Street Party


Jamaican dancehall is famous for being the conduit to development of many musical styles. In Montego Bay or Negril Jamaica there are actual halls for dancehall. But in the country, you learn dancehall at "street parties" that rotate around the communities.

Signs go up on poles all around the community announcing the location and time of the Jamaican street party. Massive sound systems are brought in with guest DJs. Neighbors close to the sound system take their dishes off the shelves so they do not fall and those who must sleep might sleep over with a relative who lives farther away.

White woman putting makeup on young Jamaican girl
Everyone gets ready

Food is prepared for the whole community. A big pot of vegetable soup takes all day to cook. Maybe there will be fish to barbeque also.


Women cutting vegetables Jamaican man cooking on 55 gallon drum barbeque
Preparing soup and fish

Three Jamaican boys with a traveler making bunny ears behind one's head not like Negril jamaicaFour people around a domino table
You will hear the slap of dominoes

Gambler with dreads laying down bets on a gambling table Gambler rolled the dice and clicks on his bic lighter the most interesting of Caribbean vacations.
Maybe there will be some lively gambling.

Jamaicans dancing learn dance hall
A good time is had by all.

Then everyone dances until the wee hours of the morning.

These days you will find dancehall street parties five days a week in and around the communities. If you stay at Zion Country, Free-I provides transportation to these parties. He does not charge you for this transportation, but you can contribute to gas or a drink for him in the evening.