Jamaican Pepper Pot Soup: Ital Recipe


by Ras Soloman Jackson, Mokko

  • In a pot, cook callaloo in water, take back out and chop fine. Put it back in the pot of water and add:
  • dasheen
  • cocoa
  • yam
  • coconut juice (Prepare your coconut juice by grating coconut into a bowl, cover with water and squeeze the grated coconut with your hands. You then squeeze and remove the coconut, feed it to the chickens, then drain the juice through a sieve.)
  • thyme
  • scallion
  • piece of pumpkin
  • salt
  • noodle
  • scotch bonnet pepper (If you want it be spicy, you can put what you need of scotch bonnet pepper.)


Mokko's kitchen
Owen, the chef at Zion Country tasting to make sure it is "just right"