Jamaican Artists


The beautiful parish of Portland teems with talented Jamaican artists. One of our favorites can be found at the entrance to Reach Falls and his name is Renny. He very cleverly fashions toy blow games from bamboo, wire and Styrofoam. The trick is to blow a hook on a Styrofoam ball up to a wire hoop and then to blow the needle like end back into the bamboo. It is quite tricky and Renny makes it look easy. He also sells small carvings, jewelry, Roots Tonic and is never without his broad smile.

Watch YouTube video Renny Shows his Blow Toy

Portland has numerous artist stalls lining the roads and beaches throughout the area. From Rock Bottoms large carving center deep in the market of Port Antonio selling all kinds and sizes of beautiful and dramatic carvings.

Jamaican carver working on piece on a table. Jamaican carver painting a piece.
Rockbottom carving in Port Antonio

to I Cliff wandering Winnefred Beach and offering personally carved Calabash the opportunities are endless.

Three carved bamboo cups.
Bamboo Cups

Rasta looking down as he carves Six calabash bowls with carving on them
I-Cliff working at Winnefred Beach

Perhaps the Jamaican would put it “The more you go, the more you stop, the more you see, the more you learn.”


Renny making a toy, Reach Falls
Bredda Lion's hand carved canoe
Carver's Shop
Walking stick
Carving display cart