Ital Cooking: Making Chocolate Tea

Watch Making Chocolate Video

Mokko's neighbor showed us how to make chocolate from raw bean, using a mortal and pestle. She roasted then crushed the beans until the oil flows, then prepared them into balls.

Large well used morter with a body length pestle as seen from above, long cotten print dress and flip flop shoes on bearer of the pestleElderly Jamaican woman in a red baseball hat, cocks her head to the camera
Mortal & Pestle/Teaching to make chocolate tea

She then told this story about how to make the chocolate into tea.

"When you are ready to boil the tea
You get the grater, and you grate it.
Shave it off and put it in the tea.

And when you boiling the tea,
You use the cinnamon bush
and you put in the water, then you boil it

Then you get your milk
And you put it in dere
And after you get your milk and put it in dere now
That make boil it and then you get your sweetened tea

Chocolate tea nice!

Ya mon!"


Miss Mary, Mokko's neighbor
Chocolate bean on tree
Raw chocolate bean
Finished chocolate balls