Henry's Guesthouse


In the Long Road Community, you might consider going to Henry's Guesthouse (everyone calls it Mrs. Lange's) where two rooms are for rent with shared bathroom and kitchenette. It could be a great choice for those who might not be able to tolerate the stairs of Zion Country. It is located two doors down from Zion Country on a cliff above Manchioneal Bay, overlooking where manatee live.

White decorative iron gate at entranceDoor with colorful flowering vines surrounding it

Mrs. Lange runs the guesthouse and takes in children from the neighborhood who are without family. In this way, many of the people of the community are connected with Mrs. Lange.

Mrs. Lange makes Bammy, or traditional Cassava bread which she sells in the community.

She also loves her gardens as you can see by the pictures!

Big pink ball flowerMultiple green succulents

Purple flowersRed flowers on spiky stalks

Contact Mrs. Lange at (876) 995-0270.