Fi Wi Sinting Jamaican Festival

 Celebrating Jamaica's African Heritage
February 17, 2013

Fi Wi Sinting is an annual one day celebration of Jamaica's African heritage and is a tribute to the ancestors. It is held at Somerset Falls River Park, Hope Bay, Portland, north of Port Antonio, Jamaica. It has become the largest Black History Month event in Jamaica.

Features at the festival are:

  • All Day Drumming Session
  • African Market Place
  • Natural foods and drinks-Dishes served include escovitch and steamed fish, rundung, dookoonu, ital, jerk chicken, puddings, cakes and ice cream.
  • Rhythums from Kumina drummers and dancers
  • Nyabinghy traditional Rastafarian spiritual drumming
  • Jonkunoo theater

Characters in a play, confronting.

  • Story-telling
  • Mento
  • Poetry
  • Guestspeaker

I was priveliged to listen in on a lively discussion about the origin of the Maroons with Rastas and University Professors, Maroons and locals all sharing their knowledge and stories about these rich roots. There was an incredible feeling of respect which extended to me and enveloped the whole discussion area. I feels its warmth still.

At sunset patrons are invited to place offerings to the ancestors on the Ancestral Raft which is sent floating into the Caribbean Sea.

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