A Big Up to Dwight!

We recently learned we lost our friend , Dwight, from Jamaica. Dwight was Mokko's friend since they were pickneys, they were neighbors and business partners on the farm. They were like brothers.

Dwight was always around when we stayed in Mokko's yard. He would tell us about Jamaica, teach us Jamaican parables and such. One day, Dwight and Dave bargained over the price of some coffee that Dave wanted to buy. I left and ran some errands with Doret and they were apart by about $20 US on the price. They laughed and shucked and jived. When I returned hours later, they were still about $20 US apart, still shucking and jiving.

I stepped in, appalled that no movement had taken place with a days' negotiation. At this, Dwight came down (a likkle). He slapped his hand over his mouth and said, "Cocks mouth kills cock! That's a Jamaican parable. My mouth killed the deal".

When we heard about his death, we were sad. We worried about how Mokko would take it and I emailed a note to the folks who knew him. We got this response from Free-I.

Just speak with Mokko over the phone and he sounds positive. The death from his friend Dwight is like many cases here, the people say, "ah so it
go", and life goes on much faster as by our culture.
Alright, keep the vibes up, one love, Free-I

He is right, Mokko does sound good. Ah so it go. We will keep up the good vibes and give a BIG UP TO DWIGHT!