Jamaica Kite Surfing

I have been to the Bounty Bay numerous times, but every single time I enter the beach it takes my breath. The color of the water, shades of almond trees, swinging hammocks and kites scattered along the beach resting before they will get hooked up on someone's harnest.


And they make it look so easy!  One of the instructors, before his students arrive,  just comes, prepares a 12m kite, takes a board and next thing you see him hanging upside down in the air, making salto's and carried with the wind deeper into the Caribbean.


Later, when students arrive, he first explains the theory, drawing a small map into a sand and then he takes the smallest kite, which is the best to get the beginners struggle with the wind.

First, all students must master skills with the kite. After they feel comfortable setting the kites direction, they get a board and slowly slowly, step by step you are becoming a kite surfer. "I love kite surfing, you have to master both water and wind and that's one of the greatest challenges !" says one of the advanced students, while pumping up his kite. " It is gonna take a while until you can perform acrobatic free style jumps, but hey, you have to start somewhere!"

"Kite surfing is the fastest growing sport in the world': says Julia, IKO Head Instructor and Manager of Kite boarding Jamaica.(www.kiteboardingjamaica.com)  "Centre is opened since April 2010 and for the growing number of kiters and students we also have a villa to accommodate everyone". Jamaica is not very popular for budget travelling, so the idea of opening a guest house with beds from $20 is much appreciated not only amongst kite surfers. The Bird's Nest Guest house (www.facebook.com/TheBirtdsNestJamaica)  welcomes also independent travellers, backpackers, families, ect. it's located in Montego Bay. You can get a lift to Bounty Bay to do some kiting, or choose from many wind-less days activities, like scubadivning, paragliding, zip lining, catamaran - yachting, golf, tennis, deep sea fishing, ect. or you can just go and explore the beauty and attractions of Jamaica. You wont get bored.

How many times you wished that the dreams you didn't even dare to have, will come true?

yes 'n' how many years can some people exist, before they're allowed to be free?

Like Bob Dylan would say :"And the answer my friend is blowin' in the wind, the answer is blowin' in the wind.."