Getting to Mokko's


Sunninghill - east of Kingston, in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, is located in beautiful St. Thomas Parish. Sunning Hill is an hour taxi ride from Kingston Airport and w-w-whoa what a ride! Mokko can arrange to have a charter taxi pick you up at the airport for about $65 US. We feel this is quite a bargain for the safety and convienience this brings at the outset of your trip. Call Mokko and he will help with arrangements.

On the southeast side of the island, just north of Morant Bay, sits a small farming town named Sunning Hill. Go over the river, down the road, turn at the store, up the hill on the dirt road, down the hill on the foot path, turn left, turn right.  When you get to where two rivers meet, Plant West and Iron River, one hot river from the west and one cool river from the Blue Mountains, here you will find Riverside Cool Cottages.

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