Jamaican Rasta Guesthouse See the "Real Jamaica"


Rasta with hair wrapped on head looking up with flag in background.

Stay as the guest of Mokko and his family at their Jamaica Rasta Guesthouse which is in a part of Jamaica that visitors seldom experience and is called Riverside Cool Cottages. Here you experience the "real Jamaica"!

See a video of Mokko cutting a calabash by Marc and Line (bighousetube).

Learn first hand about the life of a Rasta, cook Ital food over a wood fire, experience Roots and Culture and the unique Patios language of Jamaica. Explore Jamaica with Mokko or his kids as your guide. Read a letter of welcome from Mokko. He has raised 6 children with Doret and you can meet the whole family at Riverside Cool Cottages.  See Prices for Riverside Cool Cottages.

er in Rasta greeting
Dave and Mokko
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As a guest at Riverside Cool Cottages, Mokko is also available as a guide to Jamaica.  Listen to his advise. As such, he will keep you safe and teach you the Rasta ways. Read the story, Mokko Saves My Life.   He is happy and fun to be with and very accepting of all people.  He shows you places you could not find on your own and helps you meet people you would not otherwise meet.  You will find yourself well connected in his company.

Transportation to and from the airport available.

Find out all about Mokko's Guesthouse at his website at: