Jamaica Rasta Ecotourism Sunning Hill Community

In Sunning Hill Community, you experience Jamaican living. You move with a Jamaican rhythm and pace and do as the locals do.

Things to do:


Rasta and smiling Jamaican man
Mokko and his late friend Dwight

Mokko has a farm and grows Blue Mountain coffee, ackee, pumpkins, mango and many other crops.

Jamaican woman cutting chicken in half with a macheteShopowner staring

  • Shop in local markets
  • Discover the process of making chocolate from Mokko's neighbor, Miss Mary
  • Travel in local taxis

Travelers and Jamaican family pose for the cameraJamaican woman talking with a bearded white traveler
Ready to leave, Shanell, Dianne, Shawna, Sefton (local taxi driver and neighbor), Doret, Eric, Mokko and Dave and Eric with Doret

Many Jamaicans and one traveler, swimming and washing in the river

  • Swim in the river
  • Fish for mullet, sand fish, perch, day or night lobster
  • Attend a local cricket match
  • Play dominos
  • Visit a Jamaican Primary School
  • Attend the local church service

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