Morant Bay Market Jamaica


Morant Bay Market is as authentic a Jamaican market as it gets. Under its zinc roof is housed stall after stall of vegetables, household goods, school supplies. There is a section for the meat market where you can find various feet used enthusiastically in traditional dishes. There are spice blends sold in little plastic bags that are used just as enthusiastically.

Cow foot for stew, and fancy shoes for fancy steppin'


Clothing, backpacks, mirrors, socks, belts, hats, pretty black petticoats, all are displayed colorfully. Prices are flexible. Purchases are stashed in "scandal bags" black plastic bags that prevent prying eyes from ogling your goods.

Music is piped in on a public system and occasionally you might get to sing along with the vendors on a well known church tune. It is all at the Morant Bay Market!