Morant Bay Jamaica

Morant Bay is a vibrant, bustling, truly Jamaican city. It is here that you can leave the hassles and haggling of the tourist areas behind and get a taste of a warm welcoming Jamaican town.

Morant Bay is the capital of St. Thomas parish. In front of the courthouse stands a statue of Paul Bogle, national hero, where he died in the unsuccessful Morant Bay Rebellion in 1865.

In the middle of the city is Morant Bay Market. , a colorful local market. You can get anything you want, just ask. You can buy rasta knit hats.

There is also an "Arcade" on the other side of town. This is a group of closely placed wooden shops with small walkways between. Craftsman and artisans create their goods in the Arcade. You can see shoemakers, iron workers, tailors and there is a shop that sells popular tourist goods at really good prices!

There are lots of interesting eateries in and around Morant Bay. Stop in a local restaurant for authentic cuisine-Jamaica style like Curry Goat, Chicken Foot Soup, Fried Chicken and of course, rice and peas!

The local taxi stand is right around the corner from Murph's Turf, a very nice old style Jamaican Bar. A good place to enjoy a beer and pick up a taxi to Sunning Hill. This is how you can get to Mokko's. Give him a call and he will meet you, or ask for the taxi to Sunning Hill and they can take you to his guesthouse, Riverside Cool Cottages.

To stay in town you can stay in a Jamaica Villa called Morant Villas, clean, hot and cold running water and right off the main road.

There is a beautiful public beach near Morant Bay, it is called Prospect Beach. Nearby is villa where you can sit and have a drink. One beach further is Lyssons Beach, a little hidden piece of paradise!