Lyssons Beach Jamaica

Public beaches are getting rare in Jamaica. Much of the prime coastline has been privatized, leaving little for locals to enjoy. But Lyssons Beach has enjoyed a comeback and rejuvination in the hands of locals for locals!

Several years ago when we first visited Lyssons Beach, it was trash laden with evidence of human activities everywhere. Plastic bottles, bag juice plastic and general trash was strewn and piled around the beach. This is not the case anymore. The beach is well kept and brimming with families enjoying their island wonders. Mid-beach is a gracious and strong shade tree.


Yogi Berra said, "When you get to the fork in the road, take it." So we wondered down the beach and approached a hidden house on a point of land that jutted into the ocean and were about to turn back to be respectful of the occupant, when a bearded man called to us to "come on in."

Man with white beard, sunglasses on his foreheadFishing house with bearded man in front
A little piece of paradise on Lysson's Beach

Ton So Frant is a fisherman, a master of natural living and herbs. We hung for a while in a-yard. Ton So told us that he lives natural, but not as natural as he used to be able to. He told us the history of the jut of rock which holds the fishing house. It was a ruined dock made by slaves and holds all the pain and sorrow of those times.

Part of the year Ton So lives in California and part in his native Jamaica. He welcomes guests and is willing to share his little piece of paradise. He can arrange for a fishing trips or a fish fry. In his fishing boat, he can travel to Key West. He says it is fun! I'll go for the fish fry!

The time came to leave and we made our good-byes and as we walked back, we turned to see Ton So in silhouette in his paradise on Lysson's Beach.

When you come to the fork in the road, take it!