Hiking in Jamaica | Rasta Family

If you go hiking from Mokko's toward Bath, in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, past the abandon slave quarters, you will come the Rasta family's house.

Nathan and Sandra are hillside farmers. Nathan will delight in teaching you Rasta knowlege and organic farming techniques. He loves to teach! You may be able to set up a day to work on the farm and learn/experience in a hands on manner.

Overlooking fields cut into steep hillside Overlooking lush valley
Hillside farming

The family is glad to have visitors, and offer interesting, intelligent conversation. Sandra might have the best laugh in the whole world! They are so hospitable and make nice food.


Big bunch of bananas hanging upside down from treeRed bulbs on plant where branches attach to stalk
Banana and Sorrel

Plan your grocery shopping around your visit to Sandra and Nathan. Their "store" offers the freshest of foods to be sure!

See more at:  rastamokko.com