Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa, Jamaica

Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa Vacation Sign

Secluded from the outside world, the Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa is isolated and safe. It offers you a private spa vacation. The parking lot is gated and patrolled. Meals can be served on an outdoor veranda which overlooks the stream and the path back to the natural mineral springs.

Spa vacation water source stream through rocks


Every room includes a mineral bath twice a day. These are located on the lower level. Each private room has a large tub, either the traditional ceramic tubs or (for an added charge) jacuzzi tubs. The water is healing and sooths the bites and nicks that always follow us around when we are in a foreign land. Yah, Mon!

Just outside the gate is a crowd of folks who make their living by offering tours, massage therapy, cokes and beer. If you want to lively up yourself, just step outside the gate!

If you desire a respite from the outside world, this could fit the bill.

Phone # (876) 703-4345