Manchioneal Fishing Village, Jamaica

Manchioneal is a great example of Jamaican culture. It is a small fishing town on the protected Manchioneal Bay just across from Zion Country.


Fishing is allowed in the bay but only in the small sized skiffs. No large boats allowed. When the sea is rough, the fisherman will all be home. These days you can learn the rules of play dominoes. Stop by a shop for a lively game and banter.

Colorful fishing skiffs with powerful stormy sky Jamaican fisherman standing next to his handmade chest high lobster trap, Jamaican culture
Stormy seas so time to mend the lobster traps

Walk the town and you can visit the shop that has everything, "From a Pin to an Anchor". Or, if it is a bad day at sea, you can catch a lively dominoes game or watch fish being weighed for market.

Large smiling Jamaican man, Jamaican culture

In Manchioneal there is a man named Valentine.  He is a dancer with a local dance troop who has traveled Jamaica, many of the islands and as far as Colorado.  Manchioneal is a small town and if you ask for Valentine, anyone can tell you.  He runs a small bar/resterant in the middle of town on the seaside and also drives taxi.

Huge trees, vine covered and lush with curved road that disappears into the foilage

From Manchioneal to Zion Country, you pass by one of our favorite places in Jamaica, See Me No More Corner.

Manchioneal was hard hit by Hurricane Dean but is now well on the way to recover.