Blue Mountains Jamaica Trekking


Trekking to the top of the Blue Mountain begins well before dawn. Start with a fire roasted cup of Blue Mountain organic coffee, one of the most famous flavors of coffee. The trek is six miles long. Walk slow and pace yourself. The goal is to walk at night so you can reach the peak at sunrise.

Sign that tells about the Elvin Woodland

At dawn you might see the Long Tailed Hummingbird that is native to this area. Dress warm, it is cold on the mountain.

Bundled white woman traveler at a triangle pipe structure on the peakJamaican man traveler at the peak
Alice & Taban at the top of Blue Mountain Peak

On rainy days, there is a shelter where you can stay and play the local games. We played a game that was much like what we know as "Sorry".

Colorful hand painted game boardFour people around a picnic table playing a game and drinking one of the most famous flavors of coffee
Playing Jamaican "Sorry" on a rainy day


A local farmer showed us his thyme farm and shared Jackfruit which is the size of a watermelon, but grows on trees. It was tasty and sweet, but also sticky.

White rasta holding a watermelon sized fruitLooking down at mountains and clouds home of organic coffee, famous flavors of coffee
Jackfruit grows on trees!

We taught Alex from Jah B's Guesthouse how to play hacky sac. When asked what his kitten's name was, Alex looked surprised. Naming a kitten is not something he was familiar with. Alex recovered and said, "You can name the kitten".


Long tailed hummingbird
It is cold on the mountain
Mountain View
Woodland Flower
Woodland ferns
Deep Woods
Ben showing Alex how to play hacky sac
You can name the kitty