Sonny Murphy in Morant Bay Jamaica

Jamaican Videos


Feed de People Dem  - Cooking at the river for the community is a favorite activity in Sunning Hill, Jamaica.

Dancing Face - Winston Thomas of Morant Bay Jamaica shows us his award winning Ugly Faces and his unique "Dancing Face" routine.

Ital Cooking: Making Chocolate Tea

Watch Making Chocolate Video

Miss Mary, Mokko's neighbor
Chocolate bean on tree
Raw chocolate bean
Finished chocolate balls

Reach Falls Jamaica


Visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Jamaica. Reach Falls can be found in Portland Parish.  Just South of Manchioneal, three miles inland off the A4, the Drivers River plunges 30’ into a wide aqua pool.

On the way to Reach Falls
Renny and Mokko Read about Renny in the book "Rasta Heart"
Hanging vines
The Waterfalls
Moshi, Mokko's Son
Patrick, Sarah, Keith, Ben and Andrew
Pools above Waterfalls
Eagle carving in rock
Stairway at Waterfalls
Turquoise Pools

Jamaican Artists

Brother Lion Sings


Near Reach Falls used to reside a talented Rasta named Bredda Lion. A hardworking farmer, coal maker, slipper seller and a very special entertainer. His upbeat vibe, energy, humor and knowledge of the environment are nice nice.

As he says on his video “I’m like the vibes mon, you know when ever time you come around me, then you can't sad, your belly have to have been full because you have to laugh”


Watch video Bredda Lion Sings.

Bredda Lion
Bredda Lion's House

Winnifred Beach Jamaica


Winnifred Beach is a very friendly laid back local beach with small shops and stands where enterprising Jamaicans sell cool drinks, food, jewelry and hand crafted items. 

Winnifred Beach
Entrance to Winnifred from the A-4 main road
Cynthia runs the main resterant to the north
I-Cliff carving
Boat at Winnifred
LeRoy Brown-beads
Winnifred Pools

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All Things Jamaican

Making Chocolate in Jamaica
Hand hewn canoe at Reach Falls River Camp
Upstream at Reach Falls
Ram Scram in Port Antonio
Boats in Manchioneal
Bonnie and Clyde (Ben and Anne) on the Blue Mountain
Ton So at Lysson's Beach
Morant Bay Marke
Sarah under the Almond Tree at Zion Country

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